A public site for a private person should either speak for itself, or not need much of an introduction, right? In practice, a passion for software, products and technology in general also means less time for writing. That’s why some of these notes are embarrassingly old, and may not even represent current views. But I have always been fascinated with valuing the past while thinking about the future.

My work covers both consumers and businesses. Sometimes, things you do early in life define you for longer than expected, and indeed this happened with my Commodore 8-bit and Amiga days. Now they call that “retro”, and of course, we are trying to preserve that too. There is a lot of beauty and a different type of future in it. I’ve also been busy with a documentation project with some new old friends. To which a young lady once asked if I had fought in WWII (“No, and you?”) Another thing I enjoy doing is help improve the way people write.

Might be useful

  • Drink: maybe a glass of wine
  • Even if I drink too much, note that I don’t know my passwords
  • Eat: anything vegetarian (you know the joke, “… they will tell you…”)
  • I believe that the privacy of the mind extends to the body and devices
  • If blood is spilled for the above, please refill with 0+
  • As of January 2019: no allergies or medications